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New Toys in Strength Training

strength training meets tech

This one’s for the heavy lifters.

It seems that recreational runners and cyclists have always had a lot more toys to play with than the average strength-trainer. From fancy shoes and heart rate monitors to GPS gadgets and a million iOS progress-trackers, cardio-enthusiasts have it all. With most fitness apps these days, they can even compete with friends and stay entertained whilst training.

What do the Strong-men and women in training have? Apart from nobody-loves-me music, log-books, and disposable pens (that will probably be crushed in a bench-press) – not much – or so I thought.

So, to give the cardioholics a run for their money, here they are…

My Top 4 Strength-Training Tools

Coach’s Eye

The concept: Lifting weights is not just about picking up weight and putting it down. There are techniques involved. Professional athletes take years to master a single lift under coach guidance. But an average guy doesn’t have that luxury.

How it works: Coach’s Eye is an instant video-review app that allows slow-motion playback, split-screen video-comparison and many other features allowing you to adjust your techniques while you train.


The concept: Power and force are the ruling benchmarks in sports performance. But when is a 200kg dead-lift better for you than 150kg?

How it works: Accompanied with a smart armband designed for gym, Push measures strength, power and force. For instance, with its real-time measurements you’re able to track the real impact of that extra 50kg on your power generation. With tracking made this instant, you’re able to maximise your workout by lifting any unnecessary weight off your programme. Literally.

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Apps

The Concept: Rest and Recovery (R&R) is one of the most important parts of training.

HRV apps measure the variability between your heartbeats to determine how well your body is rested and how well it is adjusting to training.

How they work: You’d need a heart-rate transmitter, a wireless receiver and a good HRV app on your phone.

These two apps top my list for their ease of use, elegance of UX and, above all, training motivation:

BioForce HRV

BioForce HRV is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and allows you to track and chart progress and connect with a community of BioForce users.



ithlete has developed a range of HRV monitoring products, from a finger sensor to a heart-rate monitoring app. This one’s definitely for the pro’s, (and pro’s-in-training).

Happy heavy lifting!

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